Motus Panther Creek 

The Nestled around a finger of of Cherokee Lake, Panther Creek State Park presents a rural playground for mountain bikers and trail runners alike. Winding through the the park, participants will encounter plenty of rocks, roots, and climbing to test their grit. Motus Panther Creek will take athletes through the landscape and rugged hills of East Tennessee while exploring this magnificent park. 

Race Information

800 Meter Open Water Swim

13.0 Mile Mountain Bike

4.2 Mile Trail Run

The race begins with a mass start from the waters at Panther Creek. Swimmers will navigate a one lap around the pristine channel before exiting for transition. The two lap bike course Immediately heads to the single track trails of Panther Creek State Park. The bike course has it’s challenges but is fast and flowing and great for beginner riders. The run course shared the same trails as the bike course for the first stretch before breaking off and exploring further into the park. Most of the run course resembles that of a cross country style run with open fields and rolling hills.

Platinum Race

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