Motus Knoxville 

Only two miles from downtown, Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness presents a unique playground for mountain bikers and trail runners alike. Winding through the Urban Wilderness, participants will encounter plenty of rocks, roots, and climbing to test their grit. Motus Knoxville will take participants through five parks, featuring the old quarries and hills of East Tennessee with a perfect balance of neighborhood backyard feel.

Race Information

1200 Meter Open Water Swim

15.4 Mile Mountain Bike

4.6 Mile Trail Run

The race begins with a mass start from the water at Mead’s Quarry. Swimmers will navigate a one lap, clockwise loop along the rock cliffs of the quarry before exiting for transition. The bike course explores some of the best single track trails that Knoxville has to offer. Starting from the gravel parking lot, bikers head down the paved trail for nearly a half mile before funneling down into the main trail system. The run course takes a stroll into the wooded forests of South Knoxville and progressively gets tougher. Rolling hills give way to rocky ascents before ending with a punishing climb around Mead’s Quarry. The views are amazing, but you have to earn it first.

Platinum Race

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