Motus Duck River 

Before the bikers came and hikers traversed the twenty plus miles of trails, The Duck River Dam and Reservoir was an idea birthed out of sheer need – the need for water. Taking full advantage of the reservoir’s required 100 foot buffer zone, the engineers worked with the landscape dotted with rolling streams and rocky terrain to build a trail system that would attract community members and outsiders alike.

Race Information

800 Meter Open Water Swim

18.0 Mile Mountain Bike

3.5 Mile Trail Run

The half mile swim takes place from the main boat launch before transitioning to the 18.0 mile mountain bike course around the reservoir with incredible lake views and gnarly terrain. The 3.5 mile run will venture down to the bottom of the dam and the the river at the dam’s outlet for two loops. The course has fast flowy sections mixed with technical sections and is 100% off road with no road crossings. 

Join us in North Central Alabama and discover this brand new gem!

Platinum Race

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