Motus DINO Southern 
Indiana Duathlon

The highlight of Motus DINO Southern Indiana is undoubtedly it’s spectacular mountain bike course, one of Indiana’s very best trail systems. The run course is also a surprisingly challenging loop on the park’s hiking trails.   

Race Information

3.0 Mile Trail Run

13.5 Mile Mountain Bike

5.0 Mile Trail Run

The first run includes a steep 1/4 mile climb to the second aid station, before rejoining the full run course route. The bike course is moderate to difficult in technical aspects, with some rocky, rooted sections and a few “pucker factor” spots high above the valley. There are a few long steady climbs and descents, and numerous punchy climbs along the route. A long and steep climb tests runners right off the bat around the first mile. The middle section offers a slight break with more gentle grades. The final mile of the course is a raucous downhill then a flat, straight shot back to the finish peppered with three creek crossings (which are usually low enough to cross carefully and stay dry). 

Platinum Race

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